Safe jointless polyurethane surface

Two layer (SBR, EPDM), jointless , anti-slip, water permeable, polyurethane surface is installed “in situ”.

Total thickness of the layers depends on required high impact characteristics (HIC 1,5 m – 3,9 m).

Colour can be chosen by the customer from our colour chart:
Colour chart

Colour chart

– playgrounds

Eurogoma’s polyurethane surfaces comply with quality requirement norms set out by authorities (PN-EN 14877:2014 norms; National Hygiene Institute certificate)

Utilization and maintenance:
Safe, seamless polyurethane surfaces are easy to clean and maintain. The surface must be swept in order to remove rubbish, leaves, etc. It must be periodically washed with a water pressure spray. Biocidal agents should be used not more than once per year according to the instruction manual, in consultation with the producer. When surface repairs are to be carried, only original materials are to be used and the correct application technology should be applied. Do not use solvents. In case of any doubts contact the producer.



PN EN 1177 certificate
Defines requirements concerning safe
PZH certificate
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