Polyurethane sports fields

Tanks to a high durability and excellent performance parameters, polyurethane playfields are used for professional sport stadiums and arenas, as well as for schools and residential playfields. Playfields are installed with the help of professional equipment. Polyurethane playfields may be applied on concrete, asphalt concrete (MMA) or mineral framework (base).

Polyurethane playfields have a homogenous structure – it is a durable and long lasting product easy to maintain. Our products fulfill all requirements regarding safety and performance parameters required for professional sport stadiums and arenas. A wide range of colours is available..

The surface may be applied either by a spray covering machine or by a pour-in-place layer.

Attributes of Eurogoma’s surfaces:

  • Wide range of products meeting customer requirements
  • Best quality raw materials
  • High elasticity – comfort and safety
  • Safe, impact absorbing surfaces reducing the risk of injuries
  • Weather resistant, (UV resistant – if required)
  • Moisture resistant
  • High water transmittance factor enables efficient water run-off
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Attractive appearance, easy to clean

Eurogoma’s polyurethane surfaces comply with quality requirement norms set out by authorities (PN-EN 14877:2014 norms; National Hygiene Institute certificate).

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PN EN 1177 certificate
Defines requirements concerning safe
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